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About the Library: Off Campus Access

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services

Off Campus Access


AU students may log on to the library’s databases from anywhere in the world using their AU email name and password.

If you click on a database link from off campus, a pop-up box will appear and ask you to log in using your AU email name and password.

  • Use your email “name”
  • Do not include
  • Do not include acnt\
  • Example:

Username - jsmith2421
Password - AU email password

Logging In From Off Campus Through the Proxy Server

Logging In From Off Campus Through the Proxy Server

When clicking on a database link from off campus, a pop up box will appear asking you for your user name and password. Your user name is the first part of your email name - the part preceding   Your log in password is your email password.


Reporting Database and Web Page Problems

While you will be able to confirm whether or not there is a "database" problem by calling or emailing the library, their main role is to take note of the problem and refer it to someone else to fix.

You can avoid a lot of the uncertainty that goes along with this process by supplying all the information needed by the IT Department and/or the database vendor in your initial communication.

We will need to know:

Your Name
Name of Resource
Copy and insert Broken Link here….
Time of occurrence
Whether or not you wish someone to contact you, and if so how.

  • Email (and/or)
  • Phone
  • When

Keep in mind that a serious problem might take days, particularly if it occurs over a weekend.

Also, the library “might” be able to provide a temporary work around.


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