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About the Library: Lost and Found

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services

Good Advice

Do you remember when you began the first grade and you mother wrote your name in the label of your coat?

Your mother knew what she was doing!

Every year the library finds dozens of thumb drives, travel mugs, electronic cables and devices, notebooks, textbooks, Bibles...and even coats with no name on them.

So ask yourself this important question - Are you as smart as your Mother?

Lost and Found

  Call 231-2050 or stop by the Front Desk if you think you've lost something.

  Items turned into the library will be stored until the end of the semester. 

  Another place to check for lost items is the Switchboard - 231-2000.

Recognize any of these items?


What is the most common item lost in the library?

usb drives.

Be sure to identify your usb drive so that we can get it back to you! Either write on the outside or store a document inside called Contact Information containing your contact information.

ieirdest Thing Ever Found

A complete set of clothing.

Never found the owner.

Most Expensive Thing Ever Found

Smart phones.

Usually claimed within hours.