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About the Library: Printing

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services

Printing Instructions

  • Printing costs $.05 per B&W side and $.25 per color side for AU students and is free for faculty and staff.
  • After clicking on PRINT, users must enter their AU email password into the pop up.
  • Select << LibRefMain on auprint 2>> OR << LibRef2 on auprint2 >> to send print job to B&W printer
  • Select << LibColor3555 on auprint2 >> to send print job to color printer
  • Please recycle paper.
  • Paper is located under the printers.
  • Please note that Community patrons need a staff member to release their jobs whether printing to Ref printer or Color copier/printer. (Staff member login to release print job and job will go to Ref printer.)
  • Community users - B&W prints are $.10 each, color prints are $.50, and the money is deposited into the Community Users printer box under the counter at the front desk.
  • Community patrons may send a color print job to  << LibColor3555 on auprint2 >>
  • Pop-up requires login. Staff member may login to release print job, then collect $.50 per page from patron
  • Put money in Community Users printer box located under counter at front desk.

Student Printing Accounts

Student Printing

Every student gets a print allowance of $20 every semester for usage on the university provided printers located in the Thrift library and the Student Center print area. Printing to these printers is charged at the rate of $.05 per B/W side and $.25 per color side. The only color printer available for students is located in the Thrift library.

If a student needs to print more than their allowance will cover, they can go to AU Central (located down the hall from the main entrance to the dining hall) and add money to their print balance. Money added to their print balance will be carried over from semester to semester and will only be used once their semester allotment is consumed.

If the printer runs out of ink, doesn't print correctly, or if you have computer problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at 231-2457 or at

Student Printing Accounts - Checking Balance

PC Printing Instructions

  • Click on the ^ symbol in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  You will see a light green icon (Paper Cut MF shows up when you point your mouse to it.). 
  • Right click and select ‘Details…’  A screen will pop up in Google (or Firefox or IE) called Paper Cut MF. 
  • Enter your UserID (email name)
  • Type in the password and enter. 
  • You should see a summary which includes balance, print jobs, and number of pages.  (It even shows the environmental impact:  % of a tree, kg of CO2, and hours running a 60W light bulb!)



Mac Printing Metric Instructions

After printing any item, look at the top right-hand corner of the screen on the toolbar for the PaperCutMF logo as pictured below: 

Right click on the logo and select “Details”. This will take you to a webpage and prompt you for your printing login information. Enter these items and you will be taken to a page with your remaining balance and other interesting and useful metrics about your printing history.