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About the Library: Course Reserves

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services

What Are Course Reserves

Course Reserves are usually books taken from the general collection and placed behind the Circulation Desk on your instructor's shelf to support a particular class.

Most reserve books are restricted to three-hour, in house use only. This insures access to everyone in the class.

Faculty may choose to purchase multiple copies if needed.

While the primary purpose of Reserves is to ensure access to a limited resource, Reserves may also be used to make resources easier to find.

Reserves are usually books, but they may be anything your instructor wishes to share, including photocopies of articles, audio and video recordings, and even video cameras, microphones, and tripods,

Or contact Darlene McKay at 231-2049 or

Typical Reserve Shelf

Digital Reserves

If available in a digital format, course reserves may be made available through Canvas - either as a PDF or through a link.

Occasionally faculty will choose to make materials available on a Research Guide.