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Faculty Library Survey, 2020-21: Group Description

Level of Engagement All


This year's survey had the highest number of participants ever - 66 (compared to 54).

While the majority of participants were traditional full time faculty teaching undergraduates face to face, this survey managed to reach more non-traditional faculty than ever before.

The number of Faculty who visit the library building on a regular basis continues to shrink - 15.38%. In 2010-11, that percentage was 25.00%.

Whereas I use the library's online resources on a regular basis has increased from 33% to 38.46%.

Perhaps most importantly faculty engagement in library instructions had dropped from 37.93% to 18.46%.


For comparisons of different types of faculty, see the tabs for Face to Face vs.Online, Undergraduate vs. Graduate, and Full Time vs. Part Time.

Description of Participants

Action List

The library should encourage all faculty to engage in the library more

Engagement in library instruction should be a priority, even if it only occurs online via prepackaged modules.

FYI - As instruction moves online, out of the classroom, faculty become less involved. Students bypass faculty by going directly to Research Guides and FAQs for instruction via asynchronous delivery. Moreover, most databases provide Help within themselves. So it is unclear what sort of numeric goal is appropriate.