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Faculty Library Survey, 2020-21: Home

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Student Library Survey, 2020-21

Be sure to check out the 2020-21 Student Library Survey.

  • Most participants ever.
  • Second highest score ever.
  • Fascinating Comments

Scores - ALL


Welcome to the biennial 2020-21 Faculty Library Survey Results where you will learn:

  • How the Thrift Library did in this year's survey in comparison with other years.
  • What suggestions you provided.
  • What we are going to do about them.


66 Faculty participated - Highest ever!

Overall Score - 4.41 - Second highest ever!

Highest Score - Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful. - 4.80

Lowest Score -  Collections within my discipline- 3.94

Online Faculty self reported that they were more engaged with the library than Face-to-Face Faculty, a counter-intuitive idea until you consider how many of the library's services and resources are now online.

Faculty are becoming less concerned with physical collections and services and more concerned with digital.

Action Plan Across Groups

Increase Budget

Increase score for COLLECTION by 0.2.

Increase scores for Collections within my discipline and Library budget for my area by 0.2.

Increase Faculty Engagement Overall, and Faculty Engagement in Instruction by 0.2.