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Thrift Library Response to the Coronavirus: Resources, Services, Advice, Free Stuff

Need a Textbook

Before the beginning of each semester the Thrift Library purchases every textbook available in a digital format for unlimited users.

Faculty then share these purchases with students by loading the urls into Canvas.

We usually average about 10% of the textbooks used in our classes. 

If you want to double check you can search the Library Catalog or the list in the box below.

Since the onset of the coronavirus some publishers and vendors have made a large number of textbooks available.You can find them in the boxes at the bottom of this guide.

Vital Source

Cambridge - 700 textbooks coming on Cambrdge Core

Springer / Elsevier

Project MUSE


eTextbooks Fall 2020

eTextbooks Fall 2020




  • Titles are in alphabetical order. Remember to look for your title under A, An, and The
  • The URL is in the last column on the right and has been modified for off campus use.
  • Always verify the url from off campus.
  • Always verify the title. eTextbooks have different ISBNs than textbooks, and often different copyright dates.
  • Only you can decide if a similar title is appropriate.




Cost saved = Cost of one physical texbook X number of classes using that title X average class size (20).

This marks the largest percentage of textbooks ever supplied by the library  - about  25%.
*The number of pre-owned titles varies by semester and can greatly lower the library's cost.
**The library was unable to obtain a list of textbooks in time to make purchases for the Summer of 2020.

Opening / Viewing / Printing / Downloading

Opening / Viewing / Printing / Downloading 

With over a dozen eBook databases, the rules of use can vary greatly.

  • While some database let you view content freely,
  • Some require you to create a personal print or download.
  • Some databases provide access to the whole eBook, others to individual chapters.
  • Not all allow downloading.

Free Textbooks from the Bookstore / VitalSource Helps

VitalSource Helps is a program that provides access to eBooks to all Anderson University students through May 25th. Your textbook may or may not be one of those provided.