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Student Library Survey 2020-21: Home


The grand prize winner of a $25 Target Gift Card is Brittni Tubman.

Special thanks to Chronicles Cafe for free vouchers for Smoothies, Specialty Coffees, Brownies, and Cookies. Compliments of AVI, the family difference inhospitality services.(One voucher per transaction)

Runners up for travel mugs, flash drives, bags, headphones, and homemade brownies are…

  • Jack Phillips
  • Brandy Gaillard
  • John Ellison
  • Trinity Fulmer
  • Mackenzie Roberts
  • Stella Grove
  • Brianna Gibbs
  • Bryson Rose
  • Jensen Barker
  • Alexandra Petrilli
  • Heidi Daley
  • Sandra Neely
  • Nathanael Browne
  • Vanessa Dominguez
  • Sarah Jackman
  • Dorothy Haynes
  • Simon Comanda
  • Jasmine Cuffy
  • Chanel Brown
  • Emma Schmid

Overall Scores 2016-17 - 2020-21

No survey was taken in 2019-20 due to COVID.

Student Library Survey Scores for 2020-21 - All Partiipants

FYI - Great Year!

Third Highest Overall Score Ever - 4.43

Most participants ever - 668.

Most Online Students ever - 103.

High Score - 4.90 - Library Facilities are clean and well maintained - We will pass on your compliments to Housekeeping.

Low Score - 4,14 - Library Hours are adequate.- Any score above 4.00 is considered a good score. Nevertheless, since this is the lowest score of all we will concentrate on improving it in 2021-22.

Highest Category - STAFF- 4.58

Lowest Category - COLLECTIONS - 4.39