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International Business Research Center: Efficiency Nucleus

Research in College of Business

Research objective

2) Efficiency Nucleus

Creative Industry: Focused on new products and processes for technological and innovative development.

Research Target: How to achieve better operational results along with sustainable and efficient solutions that can lead to better market competitiveness?

Research Articles

Maxey E., Moore, J., Hanson, W. (2017).  Book title: Training Initiatives and Strategies for the Modern Workforce. Impetus for Culture Transformation: Disabled Employee Pre-Hire Training.  IGI Global, Hershey PA, Feb. 2017.

Moore, J., Hanson, W., Maxey E. & Kraemer, L. (2015)  Fully Integrated Inclusive Organization: Beyond Accommodations.  Paper presented at Academy of Management conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Academy of Management 2015 Best Paper Award: Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Collaboration.