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MBA Portal: Pre-Requisites

Welcome to the Anderson University MBA orientation page

MBA pre-requisites


You should take an undergraduate business course online or seat to complete your pre-requisite requirement.  The seat option is the best way to learn the information you need because it is the most comprehensive and you can have a face-to-face dialog with a professor.

You can self ASSESS your level by self enrolling into

STATS pre-requisite needs to be ONE 200 level statistics course.  This could have different prefixes based on if it was a MAT (math) course or PSY (psychology) course or BUS (business) course.

ECON pre-requisite needs to be ONE 200 level economics course which has an ECON prefix

ACC pre-requisite needs to be ACC 201 (Financial Accounting) AND 202 (Managerial Accounting) accounting courses which have an ACC prefix 

Anderson University Options for completing leveling

Fall- online

Economics- Term I

 Spring- online

Accounting –Term III

 Statistics- Term III



Two Year and Technical School options

You may complete Accounting, Economics, or Statistics at a 2 year institution. You must submit a transient coursework approval form and have Dr. Jeffrey Moore, MBA Director, sign the form. Forms are located under the Registrars page on the Anderson University Website.