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Library Renovation: Home

Give Aways - Departments, Colleges and Schools

After discards are offered to individual departments, the remaining will be offered to anyone willing to take them including local schools and colleges across the state and country.

In the case of entire collections - VHS, Bound and Unbound Periodicals - you may examine a Holdings List below. These will not be updated.Those who are interested may come by the library and select what they desire, including local schools.

Colleges located at a distance may have materials for the cost of postage, with the understanding that the library may not have time to pack and mail your selections until late in the summer.

The Goal

Departmental Impact of Library Renovation, Summer of 2017
Request for collaboration
Itemization of forthcoming changes

The library is charged with removing the great majority of library materials from the main floor of the library by June 1. This includes Current Periodicals, Reference Books, Bound Periodicals, the Media Collection, the Drama Collection, the Contemporary Christian collection, Microfilm, and Microfiche.

Materials will either be integrated into the main collection upstairs, sold, given away, recycled, or moved to the basement of the Springdale House. Since Springdale is already full of unbound periodicals, this will be a double move.

If departments wish to participate fully in the many decisions and the extensive planning needed to accomplish this, they need to assign a liaison to work closely with the library during May, particularly during the first two weeks of May when the actual planning occurs.

To Do

  • Weed Reference collection  
  • Weed general collection to make room for integration of Reference titles.
  • Choose which Periodical subscriptions to save (this can be done over the summer) 
  • Chose which Bound Periodicals to save off site.
  • Choose which Bound Periodicals to move to your department.
  • Choose which Unbound Periodicals to save off site.


Format Details

Reference Collection

When possible, reference books will be replaced by eBooks, with the cost of replacement spread out over many years. The balance will be either be integrated into the general collection or tossed. Ebooks will be the default format for most reference books in the future.

General Collection - In progress.
•    Weed old books.
•    Select replacement titles as you go along, either as a book or eBook.
•    Evaluate overall holdings and suggest subject areas for improvement.

Current Periodical Subscriptions - In progress.
•    Shrink to 40 – 45 titles. 
•    Consider replacement online. Many are already available online, but may have a 1-year moratorium. 
•    FYI - It can be very expensive to subscribe to an online journal. Science Magazine costs $8,466. 
•    Might be able to distribute current periodicals to office buildings if you have a place to display them for student use. 

Bound Periodicals - Completed.
•    These will mostly be recycled. 
•    Select titles, if not fully reproduced online, will be stored in the basement of Springdale.
•    FYI – Generally speaking, moving things offsite is like the kiss of death. 
•    If you want old bound periodicals for your offices or departmental areas, you are welcome to them.

Juvenile Collection – Move to Johnston. Will need heavy weeding (completged) and a coherent, long term collection development plan (in progress).

Cassettes – The only ones left are CHR, but there are a lot of them. We will talk. 

VHS – They all go away. Faculty are welcome to claim any they want. - Completed.

DVD’s – No weeding anticipated, but do not yet have a place to put them. - Completed.

LPs - They all go away. We will try to find a buyer. Will also have a flash sale. Faculty are welcome to claim any they want.


  • Christian Studies – Heavy weeding ahead.
  • Education – Need to discuss disposition of Curriculum Lab.
  • English – Heavy weeding ahead.
  • Music – Need to discuss Curriculum Lab Materials, and Scores. Heavy weeding ahead.
  • Theatre – Need to discuss future of Theater Audition Collection. 


The Future

Upstairs shelving will soon become a limited resource. We will top off at about 110,000 volumes. Without changes in how we do things, we will run out of room in the general collection in five years. With extensive weeding, we can stretch that to more than ten years. However, eventually we will run out of room. When that occurs we will either have to begin off site storage or replace volumes as we add them. In other words, if we added 3,000 volumes in one year, we would have to remove 3,000 volumes in order to have a place to put them. 

One delaying tactic that could push the full capacity date down the road would be to emphasis eBooks over print. Since there are many pros and cons to eBooks, a frank and lengthy discussion with your library liaison is suggested.