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Faculty Library Survey, 2014-15: Home

We want to know what you think.


Welcome to the biennial 2014-15 Faculty Library Survey Results where you will learn:

  • How the Thrift Library did in this year's survey in comparison with other years.
  • What suggestions you provided.
  • What we are going to do about them.


Overall score increases for the survey year in a row to 4.26.

Highest Score

Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful.


Lowest Score:

The library's web page is easy to use.


Important Trends

 Printed Materials - books and journals - are adequate for my needs.



Action List

  1. Find a way to increase part-time faculty participation in the survey or create a separate survey, especially for them.
  2. Find a way to increase full-time faculty participation in the survey as well, perhaps by moving the survey date back earlier in the semester
  3. Work with university's webmaster to improve website
  4. Increase faculty involvement in collection development - including evaluating the collection and creating long-term buying plans.
  5. Make sure ALL Faculty know how to check their budgets and acquisitions online.
  6. Promote OneSearch.
  7. Promote eBook support.
  8. Promote faculty participation in library orientations and in developing a comprehensive library orientation plan, perhaps in coordination with the new Gen Ed program.
  9. Add Integrated Search to the library's webpage.
  10. Request a more prominent location for the library's link on the University's homepage