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The purpose of this guide is to teach how to research federal and state (SC) employment laws with the intent of writing sections of an employment handbook with policies/procedures for handling scenarios under the following topics for a hypothetical start-up business in Anderson:

  • sexual harassment in the workplace
  • social media use in the workplace
  • employee progressive discipline
  • investigation of employee discrimination complaints
  • bullying in the workplace
  • performance evaluations
  • recruitment and selection guidelines

Suggestions for Improvement

This research guide is still under construction and we need your help to complete it.

As you use the resources posted here you will discover that some are more valuable for this class than others. There might be a particular source that is best for answering a particular question and a different source for a different question. The only way to determine this is to do the assignment.

So, your feedback is essential to improving this guide. After you finish this assignment, think back about where you found your answers and share that information with the guide owner (upper right corner). Your recommendations will be used to improve the guide, buy additional resources if needed, and improve the educational experience of those who follow after you.

You may email the guide owner by clicking on Email Me in the upper right box.



Google "employee handbook universities" to find some publicly available handbooks. Try to find a private universities. Make sure the document is up to date. Keep in mind that some institutions may have separate handbooks for staff and faculty and that they may call their document something else that uses neither the word employee or handbook.

Current issues - Some parts of an employee handbook can change quickly. What's in the news right now that might cause HR directors all across the country to update their handbooks? In 2016, the hot topic is Title IX and sexual discrimination - particularly to the GLBT community. Use the library databases for current news. The Chronicle of Higher Education is a particularly good news source.

While your begriming searches may focus on employee handbooks, subsequent searches will be more specific - hiring, firing, discrimination, etc., and then specific aspects of such topics. Learn the specialized vocabulary! 

Website by .gov are reliable as they are the ones who make and disseminate the rules.

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