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Trial Database - Flipster: Flipster

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You are invited to help the library pick titles for Flipster during its one month trial ending Sept. 30. During this trial only the current issue wil be viewable.

All you have to do is read your favorite titles. We will count your visits.

Flipster On the iPad

The Flipster app is available for free download at the iTunes store.

User Id: s9006749
Password: password

With the app you can download magazines onto the pad for later viewing.

  • Weekly titles remain active for 2 days.
  • Monthly titles remain active for 7 days.
  • There are exceptions.

Another option is to simply view titles online and skip the downloading.

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 The Atlantic - December 2014               

What is Flipster?

Flipster allows you to flip through the pages of  magazines and journals while online and read them from cover to cover.

You can jump around within the current issue, search past issues, and even search across the content of every title subscription.

While most of the titles are popular in nature - People, Sports Illustrated, etc., - there are even a few journals.

Flipster works with a computer, tablet, or phone.

Issues accumulate and become part of our permanent collection.

Each magazine is selected by the subscriber (in this case, the Thrift Library). You only subscribe to the titles you want.

Most titles cost more than the print subscriptions, though there are a few that cost either the same or less. Some cost significantly more. We anticipate that Flipster will generate significant circulations, far more than many of our current subscriptions which are getting less and less use now. Thus the cost per article view might be much lower.

Ninety percent of our current paper subscriptions are also available on an article by article basis through our Full Text Databases and may not be needed as a duplicate format in Flipster. You can look for these in Find a Journal.

Why Flipster?

Usage of  Current Periodicals (paper subscriptions) is very, very low. Last year we were able to count only 339 circulations vs. over 7,000 in 1987-88.

Compare these amounts to the 144,000 full text articles accessed in our databases last year!

Flipster pushes out the same content to our online users and offers the possibility of greatly increasing circulation.

Flipster also has an advantage over our databases in that some of our Full Text Titles have an "embargo period", meaning the current issue is sometimes delayed for several months. There is no embargo period in Flipster.


Flipster would help address the reduced space for physical materials in the newly renovated library.

Some Full Text titles located in our databases have an "embargo period", meaning the current issue is sometimes delayed for several months. There is no embargo period in Flipster.

Circulation would be reviewed each year and unused titles canceled.


At the end of the trial, Sept. 30, the library will collect, analyze,and share the statistics with each department as part of a broader discusion of what to do with our current periodical subscriptions.