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Cameroon, Cuture/Literature: Dr. Teresa Jones & Dr. Tommy Watson

International Studies 398

IS 398, a three hour course, includes two-hours of classroom study of the culture and literature of Cameroon (and broader West Africa) and a two-week trip to Cameroon. The class is Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Cameroon, Culture/Literature

There are two opportunities to learn on this trip:

  • This is a two-week trip to Cameroon during the month of May, shortly after graduation. Students will visit a country and its people generally, and also participate with University of Bues students in discussions of literature, film, art, culture, and faith.  AU students will also take a tour of Yaounda with noted Cameroonian author and scholar Dr. John Nkengason.
  • In addition, students will explore sites where ships departed for the middle passage, a nature preserve, a rainforest, a village (and meet a chieftain), a village that is home to "pygmies," as well as the Women's Empowerment Center, and places of worship.

Students will go to Cameroon to learn and to be humbled by what they learn;students will go as guests and as servants.


Photo courtesy of the CIA's World Factbook.

Welcome to the IS 398 Cameroon LibGuide where you will learn how you can enroll in AU's upcoming trip to Cameroon in .

The Faculty over this trip are Tommy Watson and Teresa Jones.


Cameroon is a central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. The languages spoken in Cameroon are French, English and 24 major African language groups .Religious beliefs are divided between three major beliefs: indigenous 40%, Christians 40% and Islam 20%. 

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