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Online Students

Technically, any student using the library's online resources is an online student.

All of the online resources and services may be found on the library's Home Page and in its many Research Guides.


The Anderson University Thrift Library offers a variety of resources for use by online students and faculty.  From off campus, students and faculty may access our databases and eBook collections.  Currently, we have over 200 databases and over 400,000 eBooks, over 100,000 streaming audio and videos, and hundreds of recommended web pages.

Of course, students taking online classes are always welcome to come to campus to use the Thrift Library.

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On Campus vs. Off Campus

On Campus Resources

Off Campus Resources

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On Campus Help

Off Campus Help

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Distance Education

Distance education students and faculty are those who do not have physical access to the library and must depend entirely upon its online resources.- and services too.

Consequently Distance education students and faculty enjoy two special privileges:

  1. The library's physical resources - books, articles, media - can either be mailed, or scanned and emailed. 
  2. Interlibrary Loan from other libraries can either be mailed, or picked up at a local library.