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About the Library: Facilities

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services


Since most of the facilities in the Thrift Building are not under the supervision of the library, it is important to carefully review each facility's description to determine who to contact to make reservations.

1st Floor

Thrift Library OR Thrift Library Building?

The Thrift Library Building is a 53,000 SF multipurpose building containing:

  • Thrift Library
  • Chapman Multimedia Room
  • Chapman Meeting Room
  • Food for Thought Café
  • Books & Beans
  • Vandiver Art Gallery
  • Bunton Computer Lab
  • IT Department.

The Thrift "Library" operates independently of the many facilities located in the Thrift "Building", with its own hours. The Library's facilities are listed below:

Library Facilities

Anderson Independent Curriculum Lab – 4 Computers, 1 scanner, b&w and color printing, paper cutter, Ellison Lettering Machine, binding machine, bulletin board paper, textbooks, and educational resources in all formats.
Supervised by Library
Reserved for Education Majors Only!

Hopkins Special Collections – Contains the library’s archives and special collections. Located on main floor to left of entrance.

Music Technology Lab
Supervised by Music Department.
Phone – 231-2124
Reserved for Music Majors only.

Pracht Seminar Room
30 seat classroom with video projector.
Reservations -231-1179 

Stovall Conference Room – 12 seat room with internet and phone access.
Reservations -231-1179 

Study Rooms
The library contains 9 open-access study rooms with tables suitable for 6 or 8 people. Reservations may be made by using this link or contacting the library at 231-2050.
Study Room Policy

Open Seating

  • 16 Study Tables
  • 46 Study Cubicles
  • 6 Audio Visual Cubicles

Non-Library Facilities Located in the Thrift Building

The facilities listed below are part of the Thrift Library Building, but not the Thrift Library. Please contact the responsible parties to determine hours.

Bunton Computer Lab –
37 computers with video projector, scanner, and printer.
Supervised by the IT Department.
Phone - 231-2457 (Help Desk)
Email -
Reservations - 231-1179 

Chapman Multimedia Center –
110 seats with video projector.
Reservations - 231-1179

Chapman Conference Room – Seating for 10. Also used to support adjacent Chapman Multimedia Center.
Reservations - 231-1179

McClellion Café (Books & Beans)
This facility remains open for after hours study for the same hours as the Bunton Computer Lab.
Supervised by ARAMARK
Phone – 231-5750

Vandiver Gallery – Banquet and reception facilities for up to 64.  Art Exhibits
Special Hours
Supervised by the Art Department. Contact - Kim Dick –
Reservations - 231-1179 

Information Technology (IT) Deparment

   In addition to the Thrift Library Building's many public facilities,

        it also houses the IT Department, located in its basement,

   Phone - 231-2457

   email -

   Web Page


2nd Floor